We're excited to tell you about our newly launched ReNu Up-cycling furniture project, delivering an inspiring, creative, activity to provide employable skills and employment and training opportunities for out of work, homeless men and women.
People attending will learn all aspects of furniture renovation, repair and much sought after shabby chic and distressing techniques. Over time we would train excelling learners to become employed tutors to train new groups on different days.


Transformed pieces will initially be sold at showcase events in the City, we would then progress to taking in commissions and in the long term hope to have our own sales room and online sales presence. All monies gained will be re-invested into the ReNu project, to create a long-term, sustainable future.

We’re so thankful to have Tina Langton Brown ‘Up Cycle Revolution’ as our ReNu tutor, she has a wealth of professional experience, delivering courses with a track record of outstanding outcomes. Tina worked as an interior designer for 15yrs, she then completed a Teacher Training course leading her to produce and deliver an up-cycling course for Trafford College in conjunction with Trafford Housing Trust. The course was specifically for vulnerable adults, long term unemployed and ex-offenders.

The ReNu project was developed in conjunction with Enactus students from Manchester University, we are thankful to the teams commitment, ideas, volunteering, fundraising and passion to see lives changed through enterprise.