Beautifully upcycled furniture for your home.

From someone without one.

How it works

We start with a piece of unwanted, shabby-without-the-chic furniture. And we give someone without a home a chance to upcycle it.

Restoring furniture is a restorative process.

It’s an opportunity to be creative, to work, to learn new things. To talk to someone who actually takes the time to listen. These are huge things when you’ve been sleeping on the streets of Manchester.

And it’s amazing to see the transformation at the end.

“I've never been told that I'm really good at something that I've never done before.”

— James Hague

Who we help


People like Jim. He joined the RENU project after living on the streets for a long time.

At RENU, he took a discarded table broken in two and glued it back together, sanded it down, painted it – painted it again – waxed it, perfected it – and by the end of it, he was a different man.

And so was the table. It sold for £100 in a silent auction.

It’s hard to imagine just how proud he was.

How you help

You can buy one of our lovingly crafted pieces of furniture.

Or you can donate to Barnabus to raise vital funds for the initiative.

It all helps to pay for tutoring, rent, materials and equipment and will ultimately help us create a more sustainable future for the homeless. 

Hear about Darren’s Story and how through Barnabus and Renu his life was transformed - with thanks to Ecclesiastical insurance for their support